Jacques and his fragrances

Jacques Zolty’s life story is unique. He is in love with nature and constantly searching for new perfumes that can be found in any place, even the most unpredictable ones.

Born in France he travelled across the five continents. Jacques made his way into the fashion business in the 60s. He became a photographer and worked with the most recognized models in the world. Jacques made his first fragrance for himself in 1995, as a unique, personal fragrance that nobody else could use. 

The message Jacques wants to convey through his collections reflects the way he lives and embraces life. The brand carries his name, representing him as a person, as a lifestyle. 

Our fragrances

Special connections

Jacques made his first fragrance for himself, as a unique, personal fragrance that nobody else could use. Inspired by the charming island of St. Barthélemy, and the scent of its tropical flowers.

He dedicated his first collection to St. Barth. The eight fragrances of this collection are hidden treasures that speak of the island, but also of Jacques’s own and special memories.

Keeping life simple

Jacques Zolty’s collection is for people who feel good in their skin. Those who feel good where they are and where life might lead them. To pastures new, or where they feel safe.

We transcend continents, cultures, and time. We are sincere and embrace that special connection. We celebrate the physical joys of being human, fostering intimacy and bliss in our friends and family.